It's the king of all shopping days Black Friday shopping is here and with all the good deals you want to make sure your purchases are safe and secure. 

Millcreek Police Officer Captain Carter Mook tells Erie News Now about the importance of staying safe during holiday shopping.

He says it's important to shop with a group of people and try not to carry a purse.

"Be aware of your surroundings, says Captain Mook. "If you feel uncomfortable around another person just remove yourself from the situation and don't leave yourself vulnerable to being a target."

Captain Mook says that's a prime target especially in a crowded area and it's best to avoid overloading yourself with bags. 

"Just try to not make yourself a target," says Captain Mook. "If you are making a lot of purchases take a break and take your packages to the car, secure them in your trunk, don't leave them visible because thieves are opportunist and they are looking for the chance to take advantage of somebody."

Captain Mook suggest carrying as little cash as possible and to keep the cash in your front pocket at all times.