Steve and Amy Valone live in North East, and right now, they're living with no heat and no hot water.

Lake Erie moved into their basement on Thanksgiving, and now they're left trying to put their lives back together. 

"The kitchen and the living room is just full of stuff," Amy said. "We're trying to sort through it and throw it out and put stuff into storage. It's a mess."

Once they've sorted that mess, they'll have a ruined basement to fix.

"This will be the third furnace," Amy said. "We have to replace the fuse box. We have to move all the plugs and electrical, take out the walls."

Those repairs will cost nearly $40,000, but Valone says the storm caused other damage with no price tag. 

 "We lost all of our videos, the things of the kids. My daughter's and my son's baby books, pictures,things like that. It's heartbreaking, because I don't have any of that now to give to my children," she said.  

The Valones say they'll recover, but it won't be easy. 

As they try to look ahead to the future of the home they've owned for generations, the Valones say they don't know what's next."

"It's horrible," Amy said. "My emotions are like 'fix the house in the spring. put it up for sale.' I've had it."