The first day of rifle hunting season here in Pennsylvania started on a Saturday this year, instead of the Monday after Thanksgiving.

But still many students have the day off from school, but could that change in the Future?

Erie News Now spoke with Union City Area School District to see if Saturday hunting with affect their school calendar next year.

Saturday hunting is something new this year and at Union City they take hunting extremely serious.

About 60% of their student population will be in the woods hunting.

Union City schools not only have the Monday after Thanksgiving off but Tuesday as well.

We asked Superintendent Matthew Bennett if he thought Saturday hunting will make a difference.

"Do I think Saturday hunting will make a difference?" says Bennett. "It all depends if they get their buck."

The hallways and classrooms are empty as many students spend the day outside in the woods.

Erie News Now asked a few students if they had school today would they miss to go hunting?

"I would probably skip class," says Union City Senior, Marshall Vantassel.

Union City Junior, Brooke Reagle says "I wouldn't skip class but I know a huge population of Union City would."

This year Union City School District has Tuesday off because last year 28% of the students missed class.

"It's a holiday around here," says Brad Reagle, Union City Teacher. 

They are hoping school off on Tuesday will help with school attendance. 

"If they get their buck I think they will be in school," says Bennett.

Superintendent Bennett tells Erie News Now it's safe to say Saturday hunting will not have any affect on the school calendar for next year.