It was Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, and a record-breaking Cyber Monday.

But hopefully you saved some cash, because today is Giving Tuesday, a day where people focus on helping those in need.

Today is a big funding day for many of the local non profits.

Giving Tuesday makes a huge impact, especially places like the Flagship Niagara League.

Nearly 2/3 of the people in the United States have donated money to a nonprofit in the last year.

Giving Tuesday is a day to give back to an organization that you are passionate about and because of the generosity from people like you today, the Brig Niagara is able to sail all over.

The money collected today helps support the voyage and repairs to the ship when it get sent to shipwreck in April, which will cost more than $165,000.

Jennifer Snopko, the Director of Development for the Flagship Niagara League tells Erie News Now any amount of money donations makes impact.

"If everyone pitches in and gives something, it adds up to a bigger something," says Snopko.  "So it doesn't take a lot to make an impact because of the amount of people making donations."

The local community has a huge impact on the Niagara League.

"It's important to support the local community," says Snopko. "There's a lot of good work that is being done, each one of the nonprofits in town has there own mission and is doing good work. It's nice to know we have the support of the community and we continue to do what we do because of the generosity of the Erie community."

You may think with all the gift buying and money spent this time of year organizations like this one would have a hard time getting donations, but they actually say it's the opposite, they say people are very giving during the holiday season. 

You can donate to the Flagship Niagara League at