An abandoned tavern is warding off customers from Trawka’s Market.

 Tom Walsh has been running Trawka’s Market, a quality meat shop, for over 30 years. He says in the past 5 years business has slowed down due to an unkempt former bar next door. The property resembles a landfill, attracting rats and other vermin. 

“It’s getting to be a dump zone. There throwing mattresses in front of the place box springs in front of the place. Nobodies here cleaning it up nobodies enforcing the blighted property laws. I don't know where to go for help. I really don't,” said owner of Trawka’s Market, Tom Walsh.   

Walsh told Erie News Now that he has reached out to the authorities, including city council, multiple times; but never received a response.

“I would hope somebody would come and tear this building down because the building is trashed. The building could never be reopened it'll never meet any codes to be re-opened again," said owner of Trawka’s Market, Tom Walsh.   


Erie News Now reached out to City Council about this incident but they have not responded.