'Tis the season of giving and during this time of year any extra cash can help.

Especially to those in the service industry, tips can really make a difference. 

This time of year can be pricey with all the gift buying and holiday shopping, so when you're out to eat this month, it's always a good reminder to tip your servers.

At Dave's Diner, that's how their employees make a living.

A waitress at Dave's Diner, Kathleen Palkovic, tells Erie News Now as we get closer to Christmas, she does see the spirit of giving from her customers.

Tips are how many of them support their families and pay their bills.

Palkovic says it's all about making an experience for her customers and working hard. 

"It's important to us, this is how we make our living," says Palkovic. "This is what we live off of, our paychecks are nothing practically and what we make during the day on tips is how we live."