Some people are getting impatient that charges have not yet been filed in a high-profile animal abuse case in Jefferson County.  The case involves a video in which a wounded deer was kicked in the head until it died.


Investigators from the Pennsylvania Game Commission met with the Jefferson County District Attorney yesterday to discuss charges that could be filed against two young men in the video.  A spokesperson for the commission's Northwest Office today told Erie News Now that additional interviews must be conducted for the investigation, and another meeting with the D.A. will be held.


Meanwhile, several messages are being sent every hour from the public to the Game Commission's Facebook page. Every poster is asking why the young men have not yet been arrested.    The incident occurred last weekend. They want to know why it's taking so long to file charges.

This is a case, after all, where the abuse was captured on video. It was posted on Snapchat.   It's all over the internet.   People who know the two guys in the video have identified them and are even telling stories of other possible cases of abuse.

Erie News Now talked with a man who has handled many high profile cases with the Erie Police Department.  We asked Deputy Chief Mike Nolan why some cases take longer than others to investigate and prosecute.


"Many times we are meeting with the DA several times to make sure they agree with the proper charges.  What the public does not want is law enforcement to be in a hurry to file some charges and end up getting it wrong.  So we have to be right.  We have to be right every time,” he said.


Nolan says there are cases where law enforcement acts quickly to get an offender off the street in order to protect the general public.  But, he says it's usually the best course of action to proceed cautiously when filing charges.