180 Physical Therapy has been helping patients at it's Millcreek facility since 2009.

The small staff specializes in giving patients individualized attention.

Owner John DeAngelo said, "Everything we do is focused on the patient, getting them better and listening to the patient."

Patient Mary Yoculan says the staff works together to make sure each patient stays on track.

She said, "Very hands on. They are always paying attention to what you are doing. They know the circuit you were involved with."

But they keep things light, trying to always have a positive, encouraging atmosphere to help patients make progress.

John DeAngelo said, "It is all about that environment that they know what they are going to get to that point where the light is at the end of the tunnel. The more enjoyable we can make that, the better."

180 also crams a lot of equipment into a small space, even a pool. The water makes therapy easier. An underwater treadmill helps encourage proper walking. And a special camera gives the patient and therapist a look under the water.