Melting snow caused flooding in Western Pennsylvania, as one Harborcreek family found out firsthand. 

Nancy and Paul Wolcott have lived in Harborcreek for 45 years with no problems.

But a clogged storm drain turned their yard into a lake while flooding their basement. 

"It's a mess. It stinks. It's a job to clean it up," Nancy said.  

But the Wolcotts will have to clean this week, once melted snow stops pouring into their basement. 

"I was going to ice my cookies and wrap presents," Nancy said. "But not now. Now I'm going to clean my house." 

That's a job they're getting used to, since the drain near their yard backed up a couple months ago too. 

"Last time we took a five-gallon bucket and stuck a sump pump in the bucket," Paul said. "Then, we would shovel water in the bucket. And then we would turn on the sump pump and pump it out the window."

They're hoping to avoid that this time around.

"That's quite a lot of labor, especially, it don't get any easier when you get a little older either," Paul said. 

But the couple in their 80s say they'll overcome the problem. 

The Wolcotts say even if they celebrate Christmas with a flooded basement, they'll still have a special holiday.

"With Christmas coming, you still gotta have that spirit," Nancy said. "So that's what I'm gonna do. Just forget that for now and go on with my Christmas."