Erie Coke issued statement late Thursday morning on its decision to close, blaming the City of Erie's wastewater cease-and-desist order and its impact on the company's finances. Plans are in motion for "an orderly and safe shutdown," according to the statement.

Full statement

Erie Coke Corporation announced today that it will be discontinuing operations.  Unfortunately, the combination of the City of Erie cutting off Erie Coke’s ability to discharge its waste water through the city of Erie sewer system and its impact on the company’ financing, Erie Coke determined that it is no longer able to continue operations.  The Company only made this decision on Wednesday.  Once it did, it immediately began to plan for an orderly and safe shutdown.

We are deeply disappointed by this turn of events and the permanent silencing of a local manufacturing operation that has been in existence since 1833.  We share the frustration of our hardworking employees with the current circumstances, and regret that we were not able to salvage the business and its good-paying manufacturing jobs.  This is truly a sad day for all.