Pennsylvanians waiting for an increase to the state’s minimum wage will have to wait until 2020.

A Senate Bill to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 per hour passed the Senate in November, but the House Committee where the Bill sits did not bring it up for a vote.

That means it won’t have a chance to make it to the House floor until at least the end of January when lawmakers return to session.

The Bill calls for increases to minimum wage by 50 cents every six months until it reaches $9.50 per hour by January 2022.

"The new pay level will be about $19,000 for those who can get 40 hours at $9.50 an hour," said Sen. Art Haywood (D - Montgomery, Philadelphia). "That is a raise of about $4,600. For most people, a $4,600 raise is significant. I know it is if you’re at $7.25."

Senate Bill 79 is sitting in the House Labor and Industry Committee. There is no word yet on when the Committee chair plans to bring the Bill up for a vote.