A former Erie Coke supervisor says the company isn't helping workers who did not have a union.

Jason Ruffley was with Erie Coke for 13 years. Ruffley said he started from the bottom scrubbing toilets, working his way up to a diesel heavy equipment supervisor. Once he accepted the promotion he was unable to be a part of a union. Ruffley told Erie News Now that even after his years of hard work and dedication the company refuses to help him or even return his phone calls.

 "They went about it all the wrong way, they should have at least looked out for the people who kept that place running strong," said Jason Ruffley, Former Erie Coke Supervisor.

The United Steel Workers Union discussed plans to find new jobs for union workers. Ruffley has a wife and four children, the oldest in college at Gannon University, and the youngest just four years old.  Without the support from a union and without and a source of income nor severance from Erie Coke, he is fearful of what the future could look like for his family.

“A couple months down the road and that's when people's cars get lost homes mortgages,” said Jason Ruffley, Former Erie Coke Supervisor.

Despite his circumstance, Jason Ruffley said he understands why Erie Coke shut down, he just wishes it didn’t have to come down to this.

"I mean I kind of understand why he shut it down because it's a lot of money to ship the water out but there had to be another solution," said Jason Ruffley, Former Erie Coke Supervisor.

Ruffley hopes he will be able to find a job in 2020 to help support his family.