The McBrier Properties Group owns and manages properties in many areas.

Two of the best known are Village West and West Ridge Commons in Millcreek.

Village West is a popular shopping spot along West 26th Street.

The longtime manager of Talbots, Kim Eliason says the location and type of tenants helps to attract customers. 

And she says the McBrier Group works hard to keep tenants happy by keeping up the property.

 She said," I definitely think they keep up the property. They have done some new landscaping this past summer, and we have great snow plowers. We come in here in the morning and everything is  done."

At nearby West Ridge Commons, the focus is on professional space.

The fur buildings are full of offices for all sorts  of professionals.

Whenever space opens up, it usually does not take long for the vacant space to be filled.

General Manager Tracy Burnside thinks McBrier's reputation is the key.

She said,"Well I think a lot of it has to do with networking. We have been around so long that a lot of people know us and certainly work of mouth by tenants."