Matt Mead Photography is a husband and wife business specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

They have worked as a team since opening the business six years ago.

Matt handles the photography while wife Teri handles the business end.

Matt has a unique style, always shooting in black and white, in addition to color.

He describes black and white as a cool look, that never goes out of style.

Matt said, "If you want to see what people are wearing, photograph them in color. If you care about what they are feeling, photograph them in black and white."

The couple always work to make clients feel relaxed.

Teri Mead said,"You really want to make people comfortable and one of the ways we do that is try to get to know our clients very well."

That is especially important for brides and grooms.

The couple works hard to develop a bond.

And Matt uses his experience as a sports photographer to capture every key moment.

He said," It taught me how to anticipate those moments and got me ready to be ready for them as they are happening."