State Police in Girard continue to look for the person(s) who released bed bugs inside a men's changing room at a Walmart in Washington Township.

Police say a manager at the Walmart, located at 108 Washington Towne Blvd., found a closed pill bottle that had live bugs crawling inside this past Thursday. The pill bottle was found in a boy’s jacket that was listed for sale.

The next day, the Ecolab was contacted and identified the bugs as bed bugs. The employee also observed the bed bugs crawling around the men's dressing room. Another closed pill bottle that contained several dead bugs was also found Friday, on the floor of the men's department near the belts.

State Police in Girard said they collected the bottle for fingerprint processing, which was submitted to the Forensic Service Unit.

Walmart loss prevention has been working to review surveillance video from the store. It also reached out to other stores in the area but found it was an isolated incident, according to troopers.

According to the CDC, bed bugs are small, flat, parasitic insects that feed solely on the blood of people and animals while they sleep. They do not carry disease and are not considered to be dangerous; however, an allergic reaction to several bites may need medical attention.

A spokesperson for Walmart told Erie News Now, "We take this seriously and are looking into this. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation."

They also add the affected area has been blocked off, and a third-party pest management service has visited the store.