Erie Art Museum executive director Joshua Helmer was the subject of complaints by women reported to Philadelphia Museum of Art managers starting as early as 2016, according to the New York Times article "He Left a Museum After Women Complained; His Next Job Was Bigger" published Friday.

Two women who shared their accounts with the New York Times did not work directly for Helmer in Philadelphia, but they were reportedly his subordinates in rank.

One employee in the article said she dated Helmer who told her she "wasn't smart enough" for the job, but he could help her out.

Another worker who had just started told the New York Times Helmer said she should "get to know him" if she wanted to succeed, saying it made her feel uncomfortable.

Three employees who knew about the experiences said they reported their concerns but were not sure how they were handled by museum managers, the article said.

Helmer resigned for undisclosed reasons in early 2018, according to the article. Erie News Now was told he spent five years working for the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

He was introduced as the new executive director of the Erie Art Museum in May 2018 after having spent about a month on the job.

A college student working at the Erie Art Museum shared text messages from Helmer with the New York Times. They show Helmer asking her to come to his house for coffee. The article said Helmer began ignoring her at work and called her "useless" after she told him she could only meet in public.

Helmer declined to discuss the accounts provided by the women with the New York Times and said he left Philadelphia on his own accord.