The busy winter repair season is now getting underway at Erie's shipyard.

Up to 50 more workers will be added in the coming weeks to handle work on five different ships at Donjon Shipbuilding and Repair.

Crews are already busy doing a major conversion project on an old tug.

It includes a whole new bow and stern.

Nearby a huge freighter and a barge have already arrived and another large freighter is due to arrive in a week or so.

Workers will be doing steel work and general maintenance.

Donjon will be working on a total of five ships this winter. That is down from eight last year.

But managers say crews will still be busy.

General Manager Rick Hammer said, "This year we don't have as many vessels but there is a significant amount of work on each of the vessels we have. It is certainly not our busiest year. but we have enough work and we are excited to get these boats out of here."

About 70 Donjon employees are now on the job.

Between 4-50 subcontractors will be added soon to handle all the repair jobs.