Many customers are forced to switch pharmacies with all these locally owned pharmacies closing.

Rachel Ogden, Pharm. D., MS (Med. Ed.), MHSA, BCGP, Associate Dean for the Accelerated Pathway, LECOM School of Pharmacy talked about the process of switching pharmacies whether they are closing, being bought out, or you are moving.  She stressed that it's an easy process and sometimes if a pharmacy is switching hands, people may still be able to go to the same one.  

Changing pharmacies can be solved in three steps.

First, talk to your new pharmacy, they will be the ones to handle the transfer of the prescriptions.

Second, know your prescriptions and their numbers. She said it's best to have all your prescriptions at one pharmacy to make it easier on you and your doctor.

Third, talk to your doctor. They will want to make sure they are sending your prescriptions to the correct pharmacy.

Dr. Ogden highlighted the importance of the relationship between the pharmacist and their customers, "The pharmacist is there for you. We are concerned about safety, we are concerned about the fact that you take your medication the correct way. Your outcomes and not having any side effects. That's our major concern.”