Peek n Peak Ski Resort in Clymer, New York was open today despite the very warm temperatures.
Skiers hit the slopes, even though only half of the slopes were open.
The warmer weather meant that other outdoor areas like the Putt Putt mini golf was open.
However, all of the snow that melted due to the warm temperatures caused flooding in the large golf course area.
Skiers say they actually prefer the warm weather and they say it's a nice change of pace when they can ski without being bundled head to toe.

Patrick Connors, a snowboarder said, "it's kind of like having the mountain to yourself. It was nice, like you could come down the mountain and get right on the lift, so that was kind of nice no lines and a lot of crazy traffic on the hills so yeah it was cool."
Rachel Nemec, another fellow snowboarder agreed, "it's beautiful. No gloves, no jacket. The chairlift ride is awesome. And the ride down is even better."

Officials at the resort say they haven't been able to make snow for the past couple days because their equipment doesn't work when the temperature is above 28 degrees. They hoping for a cold spell later this week.