The Mercy Center for Women has been helping local women in need for the past 25 years.

The mission of the Sisters of Mercy primarily helping women dealing with addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.

The temporary housing, 15 rooms in all, is the centerpiece of the mission. But there is much more.

Executive Director Jennie Hagerty said,"Ideally we try to make sure their journey is full of getting the parenting skills they need, the financial literacy program and making themselves self sufficient in order to get into a permanent housing situation."

The center has helped an estimated 1500 women since it began operating 25 years ago, and the need just keeps growing. That is why the center is expanding.

The center has purchased the former Holy Rosary School next door, hoping to transform old classrooms into more housing.

Hagerty said, "We need more opportunities to house women so that they are not on the streets looking for that next place to stay with their child."