Several Catholic Charity agencies in the region are now working to cope with financial cuts from the Erie Catholic Diocese.

Five different agencies, including two based in Erie seeing their subsidies cut by 15% starting this month.

Erie Catholic Bishop Lawrence Persico announced the decision last month.

He said belt tightening was needed because of the financial impact of the clergy sex abuse scandal.

Locally, the diocese will cut funding by $42,000 to Counseling and Adoption Services.

The St. Martin Center, that operates both an early learning center and a food pantry will see it's subsidy cut by $22,000. 

And the center is also facing the upcoming loss of United Way funding and the loss of a state funded program.

The total impact to the center will be about $170,000.

Both agencies expect to cut staff.

David Gonzalez, CEO of St. Martin Center said, "When you have to reduce personnel unfortunately you reduce your ability to impact lives. That is why the cut is so impactful."

Joe Haas CEO of Counseling and Adoption Services said, "It takes a lot of staff time to connect people to the right services. Those are the kind of things we won't have the ability to do to the same extent as we were before."

Catholic Charity grants to the agency are not affected.

Leaders hope donors continue to support the mission of the agency.