Pennsylvania's Second Lady is leading the push for an accurate census in the state.

Gisele Fetterman announced a statewide tour Monday which includes Erie County.

Over the next three months, Fetterman will visit hard-to-count areas of the state to promote the census.

The tour will emphasize the importance of an accurate count and how you can submit your census forms.

Pennsylvania's Secretary of Agriculture said an accurate count is critical for several state programs.

"Whether you're Amish or English, or whether you're in the rural communities or the urban centers, what happens in the census counts today, but it counts particularly for the next ten years in terms of investment," said Russell Redding, Pennsylvania's Secretary of Agriculture. "We have communities that are still waiting on simple things like broadband and water treatment systems; the list goes on. All of that is a factor of being counted as part of our Census."

Dates have not been finalized for the tour, but stops will include Erie, Allegheny, Centre, Luzerne and Lancaster Counties.