It's a story that you saw only on Erie News Now, PennDOT's new plan to use enforcement cameras in work zones.

Erie News Now social media post had several people commenting, voicing concerns over the cameras, and some noting that there are license plate covers that could block the cameras.

But, State Police tell Erie News Now anything covering up your license plate is illegal.

"In the state of Pennsylvania its illegal to obscure your plate in any way and that could be by putting a cover on it," says Trooper Schick. "If it makes it difficult to read or to not read at all that is a violation."

You might think of ways to try and beat the system, but you could end up with an additional fine.

"That plate has to visible and completely visible at all times," says Trooper Schick. "If any letter or number is covered you could be stopped and cited for that."

If your license plate is dirty, obscured, or covered it violates the law and you could pay a fine up to $100.

Trooper Cindy Schick tells Erie News Now it's all about safety.

"Just make sure your license plate is visible, there's a reason we have registration plates because we need to be able to identify the vehicles on the road way," says Trooper Schick. "In case an emergency does happen or a violation happens so in order to keep everyone safe, just make sure you obey the law, and take extra time during those active work zones."

State Police even noted that license plate frames are included and it's also important to clear the snow off your license plate before heading out on the roads.