The Millcreek Township School District is investigating allegations against swim coach David Schultz, who is now off the job for now.

We're told the matter was addressed by the school board during executive session Monday evening.

Multiple sources told Erie News Now it involves posts and video of a pornographic nature under a different name, some of which may use McDowell's locker room or facilities and refer to his job as a Pa. swim coach.

A swim parent who has seen the images said it shows a lack of judgment, adding Schultz should decide if he wants to be a porn star or an educator and coach.

Assistant superintendent Darcie Moseley could not say what the allegations were, but she did confirm an investigation is underway.

"What I can tell you is what we are reviewing allegations, and that it's a personnel matter, so I can not [give] any specifics at this time," said Moseley.

Erie News Now Lisa Adams asked Moseley if there's an issue because the allegations involve school property.

"Anytime we have allegations involving personnel, we fully investigate them," said Moseley. "When that process is complete, we should have answers to those questions."

Assistant coach Mike Esper is now handling coaching duties.

"I think the team will be strong," said Mark Becker, athletic director. "Coach Esper and I are going to meet with the team today before practice and talk with them, discuss the situation with them, but we're confident that we'll move forward in a positive way."

Schultz has been with the team for more than 30 years, serving as head coach since 1986.

"Coach has been with the program a long time," said Becker. "[He has] had a lot of positive influence on the program."

Schultz also runs the Millcreek Swim Team (MIST) through MYAA that uses McDowell's facilities.

Millcreek Police told Erie News Now the department does not have an active investigation connected to the allegations at this time.

The school district called a parent meeting Tuesday evening at the Millcreek Intermediate School pool regarding the matter.