Erie County tonight is reporting it's first flu death, an unidentified man at least 65 years old.

The Erie County Health Department says 373 cases have now been reported.

Meantime, the flu-like virus RSV that can be especially dangerous to young children, has now infected 654 people this season.

The number of cases really exploded in the last month.

The health department says more than 100 cases were reported in each of the past four weeks.

Most people recover in a week or two.

But very young children are most at risk, because the virus can cause serious breathing problems.

Char Berringer, R.N. of the Erie County Health Department said, "Their airways are so small and this is a virus that will really inflame the small pockets in their airways. So they can get into breathing difficulties very easily. Breathing difficulty is an emergency. They need to get to a medical provider very quickly."

Experts say the best advice for avoiding the virus including frequent hand washing, staying away from sick people, keeping hands away from the face, and eating well.