A Warren man is now behind bars after being sentenced for his 9th DUI conviction. Fletcher Kay, 64, is serving 12 months to 5 years in state prison.

A judge in Warren County is hoping that Kay can finally can be rehabilitated after that 9th conviction.

Kay was stopped by Conewango Township Police in July. His blood alcohol was measured at .242, three times the legal limit. According to the Warren Times Observer, Kay was still on supervision for his eighth offense when he was stopped.

Last Friday, Warren County Judge Gregory Hammond sentenced Kay to 12 months to 5 years in state prison. In his previous cases. Kay's rehabilitation was handled by the county system. The newspaper said he graduated from the Warren County Treatment Court.

Judge Hammond believes the county system has done all it can with Kay. Now it’s time to see if the state system can do any good.

Today, Erie News Now traveled to Warren to ask people how they feel about this case.

LAURIE CROSSLEY-WARREN RESIDENT-"He's been offered a lot of help throughout the years and you have to want it to get it."

CHRISTINA KINNEY-BRADFORD RESIDENT-"Now that it's his 9th one and a year and a half to five years in state prison, I don't think it's enough. You know, he's lucky in the 9 times he's gotten a DUI that he has not hurt or killed someone."

TOM SETH-WARREN RESIDENT-"Maybe this sentence will help him get straight again. He's got a problem."

Kay was also charged with Careless Driving during his last DUI arrest. In addition to his jail sentence, Kay was fined $2,750.