Erie County Department of Public Safety will perform its quarterly municipal disaster/storm siren test Wednesday, Jan. 15

It will be done at the following times in these communities:

  • 12:00 City of Corry
  • 12:15 Union City
  • 12:30 West County, Edinboro and McKean
  • 12:45 Mill Village

This test is performed four times per year to make sure the siren operates properly in the event of weather-related emergency.

The difference between a fire siren and weather siren:

  • Fire Siren: Fire siren goes off in the event the fire company is dispatched for a fire, motor vehicle accident or rescue situation. It cycles up and down for a total of three short bursts.
  • Storm Siren: Storm siren goes off in the event of severe weather to notify the general public to seek immediate shelter and tune into NOAA weather radio or other media sources for information. The siren is activated and will sound for (3) one minute cycles that will sound a minute apart.