the unseasonably sunny, mild weather this month is allowing area fruit farmers to get a lot of work done easier and faster than usual.

At Burch Farms in Northeast, workers are now outside trimming the 60 acres of grape vineyards.

And they have been at it for several days.

Owner Tim Burch has also been busy outside, trimming apple trees in the 40 acre orchard.

The work always has to get done.

But usually crews have to spend most of their time inside during the winter and wait for better weather.

But not this year.

Burch said,"It is so much easier. When it is cold and blustery you want to hop in the pickup truck and take a ten minute break and get warmed up. Your eyes water up and you can't see as good.It is just much, much easier to get farm work done when the weather is nice."

Now the mild weather has caused some apple buds to swell a bit.

A long term warm spell could cause them to blossom, then a freeze  would mean crop damage.

But Burch does not see that happening, with colder weather in the forecast.