We can call to get food delivered to our house or a car to pick us up, but now you can get a snow plower at your house with the help of an app.

 Plowz and Mowz is coming to Erie, this landscaping and snowplowing app launched in 2014 in Syracuse, New York and has now expanded to 44 markets in 20 states. Other services Plowz and Mowz offers besides snow plowing includes lawn mowing, yard clean up, pet waste removal, mulch delivery, and fertilization.

You download the app, put in your information and the service that you want done and where you want it done, the app will then give you a quote and you can decide if you want to have someone take the job. Any snow plows, whether they are independent or with a company, can pick up the job, complete it and they will send you a picture letting you know that it’s finished. They will get paid in 24 hours through the app. If you were pleased you can give them a good rating and request to have them again.

Small plowing companies or independent companies can get on the app, but they must have commercial grade equipment and the proper insurance policies in place in order to be on the app to work jobs.

Thomas A. Winschel, Vice President of Winschel Brothers Landscaping said,  "I think it matters what company you are, if you have the time to take new accounts during a snow event then that's going to be great for you. If you are a company that already has a full schedule you may not be into that."

Customers will want to download the blue app, but professionals looking to work as a snow plower or in landscaping will want to download the dark gray app.

Plowz and Mowz plans on launching during their meet and greet event next week to introduce their app to landscapers and snow plowing services in the area.