Wednesday's sunshine was beautiful. In fact, it's been a pretty mild winter.

Still, when it snowed earlier this month, some city residents complained that the main routes were plowed, and the side streets were left untouched.

As the snowfall packed down when cars drove over those side streets, they became very icy.

We asked City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember about it, who said he believes the icy side street issue problem was just the wrong combination of weather conditions.

"My experience with that snowfall was that if you remove the snow, that's when the ice formed" said Schember. "When a plow went over, then it got very icy. It might have been better in that particular snowfall to leave the snow on the ground, just crunch that down rather than let the ice form."

Mayor Schember said he would love to have more staff in the city streets department, but that's not possible under Erie's budget constraints.

You can hear more of what the mayor has to say about the state of the city when he sits down with Erie News Now's Lisa Adams on The Insider this weekend on WICU, WSEE, CW and Erie News Now Plus.