Pennsylvania House of Representatives vote in favor of banning the use of cell phones for all drivers. The bill still has to go through senate and receive Gov. Wolf's signature before it becomes a law.

Truck drivers use phones during long trips. While many have headsets some still rely on their phones for directions.  Right now it's unclear if legislators are also banning drivers from using cell phones while attached to a hands-free device. Truck drivers weigh in on whether or not this bill should pass.  

“A lot of times you see guys just swerving off the road a lot of times they're messing with their cell phones, it’s dangerous,” said Truck Driver, Willie Batton.


"It shouldn't be legal like this but it shouldn't be illegal if it's away because you're still looking at the road," said Truck Driver, Alexander Lanzas.


If this proposal passes making cellphone illegal to use while driving, cops are not able to pull drivers over for that reason alone. There has to be another violation as well.