City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember announced he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer during his weekly news conference Thursday morning.

Schember said his doctor caught the small amount of cancer early following a biopsy.

He will undergo treatment that includes a surgical procedure to eliminate the mayor's urinary problems resulting from the enlarged prostate. It will require an overnight stay in the hospital later this month.

After the procedure comes radiation treatment.

"I have plenty of patients just like Mayor Schember that conduct a full schedule of activities during the entire time they're undergoing radiation therapy," said Dr. Peter Lund, St. Vincent Hospital urologist. "It should not interfere with his activities."

The radiation treatments will last 15 minutes, five days per week for six to eight weeks.

He plans to keep his usual schedule.

"I won't be out for a long period of time at any point," said Schember. "I really believe that in the next several months, I could be cured of this cancer."

Schember said he wanted to share the news to encourage men to get tested for prostate cancer and women for breast cancer. He said those types of cancer are treatable if detected early.

"He has a disease that should be cured," said Dr. Lund. "He should live a nice, healthy, long life without prostate cancer after treatment."

Schember's wife accompanied him at the news conference to lend her support.

He was sworn-in as mayor in January 2018 after defeating Republican challenger John Persinger to replace outgoing mayor Joe Sinnott.

Schember is a retired PNC Bank vice president. He also served on Erie City Council between 2006 and 2012.