Sayles Industries is a digital marketing company that helps local businesses grow, by improving their on-line presence..

Corey Sayles is the owner and founder of the firm.

He has been designing eye catching, easy to navigate websites since founding the business in 2017.

But his real expertise is search engine optimization or SEO.

He said,"We help businesses get more customers on-line using search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook."

It is pretty complex.

But Corey says his method has paid off for a lot of local firms, eager to drive more customers to their websites.w

He said, "There are no guarantees with SEO. However, every company that has hired me for SEO, I have been able to get them to page one of Google."

That is what happened to Angelo's Roofing.

Owner Andy Vinca credits Corey's expertise with helping the business grow.

And  helping the company remain ahead of the curve in the digital world.

He said,"I call him a lot to ask him on-line questions and he is always there to answer those."