Erie Bronze & Aluminum has been making high quality metal castings since 1907.

It's products are sold to customers in the glass container, oil and gas, power generation and defense industries.

The heart of the business is the foundry where molten metal, much of it bronze, aluminum or alloys is poured into sand molds to make castings.

Safety is the top priority.

President Chip Shamburg said, "It is first on our radar. Everything we do we look at is safety-wise first."

The castings are made in several different areas to the specifications of customers.

Often it is a rush order.

Operations Manager Mark Watson said, "We get a call this morning. They want it tomorrow and in a lot of cases we can deliver that."

In the machine shop where the castings are made into finished products or components like valves or metal molds for glass containers, employees basically manage themselves, completing projects on a half dozen high-tech machines.

Manager of Sales & Engineering Tim Robbins said, "Having these machines and maximizing the efficiency that we have has allowed us to maintain our competitiveness around the world."

And customers around the world buy Erie Bronze & Aluminum products.

Chip Shamburg said, "We sell everywhere from North and South America, Mexico, Europe and Asia."