Two friends opened Erie's Altered State Distillery last November.

They have been busy ever since, making spirits and making their business a destination.

So far business has far exceeded their expectations.

Owner-Distiller Gavin Maus said, "If I was to speculate, I would say six times to eight times bigger than we originally put in the business plan."

The distillery at West 8th and Greengarden has become a destination for people enjoying craft whiskey and vodka.

Owners work hard to test out ideas in the lab, trying to get just the right mix of ingredients.

Owner-Distillery Aaron Hetz said, "As  far as the recipe development, we just kind of worked together on that, build new ideas and try them."

That means plenty of long days for the partners.

Hetz said, "There are a lot of 12-15 hour days. Distillation takes about 12 hours to produce a barrel of whiskey. It is a long day."

But customers can also enjoy a cocktail, and frequent live music also keeps patrons happy.

Right now the distillery makes three different craft whiskeys plus vodka. But owners say they hope to expand their product line in the future.