Lewis-Bawol Welding is a fourth generation, veteran owned company that has been serving customers around the world for decades.

The company is a family affair. Son Kevin Bawol is now the president. He learned welding from Dad, Ken who is now company vice president.

The work can be quite challenging.

Ken Bawol said, "There is a lot of metallurgy and things you learn from experience. It takes a long time to learn that."

The company specializes in precision welding, often making repairs and modifications.

The vast majority of the work is done with high tech, laser welding machines.

Kevin Bawol says it is very precise work with no room for error.

He said, Most of our welding is done under microscopes. There is a lot of attention to details, very high precision, very low heat."

The company has customer all over the world in all sections of the economy.

Kevin Bawol said, "We do a lot of work for medical, plastic injection, molding, firearms industry, aerospace, food, automotive, and semi conductors."

The company also does engraving, using equipment tied to computers to put tiny marks or engravings on different products.