Last week, Governor Tom Wolf announced that outdoor dining would be allowed during the yellow phase starting Friday, June 5.

Although a lot of construction is going on down at Erie's Bayfront, Rum Runners is still set to open outdoor seating, but with a few changes.

"We've taken a bit of a beating this year, between the COVID, high water, and now the construction down here," says Tim Sedney, Owner of Rum Runners. "We're trying to stay positive."

Sedney, the owner of Rum Runners, The Cove, and Woody's says they're excited to open all three of his restaurants for customers to enjoy.

When open there will be limited seating, social distancing, and wearing mask onto the property.

"Once you're seated, you can take off your mask, dine, and have a couple of drinks," says Sedney. "We're very excited."

He says the construction at the Bayfront will take most of the summer but, in the end it will make some additional seating for their business.

"Right now, you still have a beautiful view, you're still on the water," says Sedney. "You do have to look through a chain link fence but, it's kind of neat everything that's going on down here, it might give the people some entertainment too."

Sedney says he hopes people will come out, enjoy the view, and have some fun.

"People can't wait, people are itching to get out of the house, get down here, we can not wait until we go green," says Sedney.

Rum Runners is set to open Friday at 11 a.m. 

A complete list of restaurants offering outdoor dining beginning Friday, June 5 is available here.