IN JUST OVER A MONTH THIS EMPTY CAMPUS WILL SOON BE FULL OF STUDENTS. Allegheny college in meadville is planning on bringing students back to campus as early as August 15th. 

"We're looking at the academic side of things, we're looking at athletics. We're looking at every single aspect. What do residence halls look like what do dining halls look like?" says College President Hilary Link. 

President Hilary Link and Epidemiologist Doctor Becky Dawson are two people out of twelve groups looking to tackle the virus on campus in the fall. 

"We're starting to move into communicating, educating and getting people on board because the return to campus is not going to be anything that has ever been seen before," says Dr. Dawson. 

FROM THE dorm buildings TO DINING HALLS, THINGS ARE GOING TO BE MUCH DIFFERENT. Students are going to be responsible for wiping down mutual spaces on their own such as library desks. 

"We will no longer have the all you can eat buffet students are used to having. It will be plated, it will pick up and take out. There will be limited seating in the dining halls," says President Link. 

IT MAY NOT BE THE TYPICAL COLLEGE EXPERIENCE. Social distancing will be enforced on campus and in the community with hopes to curb possible infection on campus. 

"A lot of our approach is really two pronged- its about prioritizing the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff and prioritizing the health and safety of our community," says President Link. 

As long as Crawford County stays in the green and even the yellow phase, Allegheny will be opened as planned.