Most people consider their pets apart of their family, and losing a pet can be devastating. For one family in Millcreek it became their reality when a reckless driver blew a stop sign on Linden Avenue and West 10th Street. The driver ran over their dog, Cooper, with all four tires and continued to drive away. 

"As I was coming to the intersection, I look to my left and there was a guy or a woman, that's doing at least 80 mph at that point," says Cooper's owner Corey Delio. 

Neighbors describe the car as a white Honda C-R-V going over the 25 mph speed limit.

"If the man or woman was going the speed limit they would've clearly saw our dog, they would've clearly saw Corey, they would've been able to stop in plenty of time," says Kiersten Kulich. 

One neighbor has a surveillance camera outside of her home and had the whole event on camera. She's urging the driver to come forward. 

"The community has shared so much care and concern, they're outraged at just how inhumane someone can be," says Tara Lariccia-Stewart. 

The family is devastated to lose a member of their family, but say it could've been much worse.

"I mean its awful that it was our dog, he was apart of our family but it could've been a child, it could've been one of our kids. I want this person to know what they did and what they've taken from us because he was apart of our family," says Kulich.

The neighborhood and family want to thank all of the people who shared the ">Facebook post which had over 1000 shares. They urge anyone who has any information to call the Millcreek Police at (814)-833-7777.