Locally, some college students who are currently overseas are concerned about not being able to return for the upcoming school year.

This is due to the new modifications that were put in place earlier this week, which stated that international students would not be able to take only online classes in the fall.

This means that if college campuses remain online only this upcoming semester, these students will not be given a visa to study stateside.

One student in particular is worried she may not be able to get all of her belongings from her apartment in the United States.

“I left a lot of my things at my apartment back on campus”, says Rhea Chatterie, a Penn State student.

South of Erie, one university group has issued a statement calling for a change to be made.

University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student Union issued a statement recently.
The statement condemned the decision, calling it “A targeted attack on Immigrants disguised as a premature return to business as usual”.

The organization commended their university for also condemning governments decision, but also are asking for more to be done.

The student union is hopeful that the university will take funding from measures to what they consider “are designed to deny them the right to form a union”, and instead use it towards retaining immigration attorneys, amongst other things to assist faculty and students.

“We just think that money would serve the entire community and grad students much better if that could be redirected into something that would actually help us”, said Alnica Visser, a Pitt graduate student.

So far, there has been no indication that any changes will be made to the modifications.