If you're waiting for your ballot for the November general election, don't hold your breath.

A legal fight in Harrisburg has put the process of sending out the ballots "on hold."

At the Erie County Courthouse, workers are busy sorting and processing more than 30,000 applications for mail-in voting.

They expect that number to double to about 60,000.

So delaying sending out the ballots is a real concern.

Now the county could send the ballots out before the lawsuit involving the Democratic and Green parties is decided and the ballot is certified, but that is risky.

Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said, "So a decision on our part to proceed without state certification could draw us into litigation. So it is a lose-lose situation. That is what we're in right now."

Officials say the coronavirus pandemic combined with the intense interest in the presidential election are driving the demand for mail-in voting.