This week, the Centers for Disease Control said traditional trick or treating should be avoided to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The CDC is labeling Halloween activities high-risk, and is discouraging door-to-door trick-or-treating, wearing costume masks, and throwing parties.

But many local communities have already said they're moving forward with trick or treating this year, we have some ideas to do it safely.

You may have heard about one Ohio man's creation, a "candy chute."

It's a simple decorated pipe, attached to his railing. He plans to wear a mask and gloves and slide the candy down to the trick or treaters, no contact!

So Erie News Now went to Valu Home Centers in Erie to get some unique tips to make the holiday safer, and we found out it’s both affordable and easy.

“You can get a section of PVC pipe, cut it to fit the top of your railing, maybe zip tie to attach it to the railing and you put your candy in the top and it's going to come out the bottom,” Al Kunz, Manager at Valu Home Centers suggested.

Kunz showed us some other options too, “Another thing you could use would be gutter, a piece of vinyl gutter could be cut to fit the top of your railing and obviously just slide the candy down… You can also use a drain for the bottom of your downspout which is typically used to direct the water away from the house, but you can use something like this too.”

And Kunz says it won’t cost you much, “A10-foot length of PVC, will probably about $10 to $12 on both the gutter and the pipe. Although we could cut it in half, so for half the cost you could probably do it, it’s a fairly affordable thing to do, just use your imagination.”