Manus Sunoco has been a fixture in downtown Erie for 31 years.

The minority owned business has persevered while overcoming challenges along the way.

The business is a family affair.

It has been since day one, when the daughters of Luther Manus came to him with the idea of buying the gas station-convenience store.

Luther Manus said, "My role? Vested interested, finances."

Manus is proud that his daughters have kept the business operating for more than three decades

He said, "I am proud of the fact that they are still in business and some major businesses in town have walked away from here and we are still here."

A group of loyal, regular customers helps any business.

That is certainly the case at Manus.

Co-Owner Denice Manus said, "Your meet a lot of people and you have a lot of people who support you through the community."

The business has faced challenges including intense competition and the coronavirus pandemic. And there is something else,  Five of the eight gas pumps are not working.

Denice Manus said, "Without the pumps being up and running we are losing quite a bit of business because nobody wants to stand there and wait for those pumps."

Replacing all the outdated pumps could cost around $75,000.

A gofundme account, "New Pumps for Manus Sunoco" has been set up. by Armando Reyes to help the family.