JAMESTOWN, New York - Jamestown Police on Tuesday issued a statement on Halloween events in the City of Jamestown in response to the number of calls the station is receiving. 

According to police, there are no set hours or city-sanctioned scheduled events for Halloween. 

City officials are discouraging parents from taking their children door to door for trick-or-treating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They say it is up to parents and neighbors to determine whether it is appropriate to partake in Halloween activities. 

Residents who wish to give out candy from their homes are encouraged to turn their porch lights on, wear a face covering and practice social distancing. Officials suggest preparing individual treat bags and to place the bags into a bowl or other container on the porch or entryway area for children to grab when they come to the door. 

Officials are requesting residents to keep their porch lights off if they do not wish to participate in trick-or-treating. 

Additionally, parents are reminded to ensure children wear protective facemasks and not just a costume mask. 

Residents are also being asked not to host large gatherings at their homes amid the pandemic.