Caflisch Pallet & Wood Services has been making and repairing wood pallets for the past 27 years.

Owners say the 25 employees, at the Clymer, New York company are the key to the company's success.

Owner Dan Caflisch said, "We can't operate without them. A lot of them have been with us for years and years."

Caflisch is a small company, but it is a very busy place.

Caflisch makes about 1.8 million pallets every year.

And they are not all the same size and shape.

In fact, using local hardwoods, the company makes about 1,000 different types of pallets for 125 customers all around the tri-state area.

Owners say customer service has helped fuel the company's slow, steady growth.

Recycling is also important to the company. That is why old pallets are dumped into a huge grinder. The metal is separated, with the wood becoming shavings used as bedding for animals.