Concession operators took a hit over the summer when many fairs and festivals were canceled. One company is making up for it, selling drive-through dinners this holiday season.

Lombardo’s Concessions has decided to offer $16 ravioli meals in Waldameer’s parking lot through January 3rd.

“This is my family’s ravioli recipe,” Jeremy Lombardo says. “It’s our Christmas tradition.”

He decided to combine his family’s Christmas tradition and his company to bring holiday joy to his community through a home cooked meal.

“We are offering a ravioli dinner and it’s a drive-in service,” he says. “You can eat in your car or take it to go if you’d like.”

Every Thursday through Sunday until January 3rd, they will hold this drive through meal in Waldameer’s parking lot. The meal includes five raviolis, wedding soup, meatballs, and Italian bread for $16.

They’ll still be offering concession stand fan favorites like funnel cakes and sausage sandwiches as well.

“This holiday season everything’s kind of been shut down with advisories and we used to sell food at festivals and there are no more festivals, it’s an opportunity to try to provide a service to the community when there’s really nothing else to do,” Lombardo says.

The drive through ordering process is pretty simple. When you get to the line, you can scan a Q-R code on a phone to see the menu. Then you’ll get in line, pick up a menu from a mailbox, fill out what you want to order and then hand it to the host at the front of the line.

“You just hand them your order form and they’ll bring out your order in a bag,” Lombardo says. “It’s all pretty contactless.”

They had a successful first weekend and Lombardo says he’s excited to be working with Presque Isle Lights so people can enjoy a nice dinner as they drive through the park to see the Christmas lights.

The Playhouse will also be performing in the same parking lot the next few weekends.

The employees are in the holiday spirit and ready to serve up smiles.

“It’s nice seeing people still smile even though it’s like a bad time,” Lydia Majczyk, an employee says.

Lombardo says people have been getting confused about where to enter and exit. It’s in through Peninsula Drive toward Presque Isle and out onto 6th Street in order to make the lines go smoothly.