A big message board in Waterford is getting a lot of attention on social media.

The sign has been up for a while along U.S. 19 heading into Waterford, but a recent message is what really has people talking this week.

As of Thursday, the sign reads: "Happy holiday and please wear a mask." 

But Wednesday, it said: "Don't let a man in a dress rule us Waterford."

The sign was referring to Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, who has been the most public face of the coronavirus pandemic along with Governor Tom Wolf. 

Erie News Now was in Waterford on Thursday to see what the community thought about the sign.

With the possibility of more restrictions coming out of Harrisburg, many small business owners are nervous about the future.

One man posted a video of the derogatory sign on Facebook.

This didn't sit well in the community and even prompted a widely shared Change.org petition for it to be taken down.

As of Thursday morning, there are close to 2,500 signatures from people all over the community.

Now the sign is changed, Erie News Now caught up with some people in Waterford to see what their thoughts were.

"I don't agree with Tom Wolf and all that, but that I don't agree with," said Waterford resident Rachael Passanonte. "Everyone is allowed to live their own lives and be who they want, and calling someone out like that just isn't right."

"It's not a good representation, it's unamerican, it's discriminatory, it's hateful, it's unchristian and I think it's an awful thing to say - and it should be taken down," said resident Christie Feilder.

Erie News Now asked the person who put the sign up for comment and he says he did not want to be on camera. However, as a small business owner, he is frustrated with all of the current restrictions in place.

On Erie News Now Sunrise Friday, we will hear reaction from Erie's LGBTQ+ community.