Earlier today, several seniors over the age of 75 were given the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at AHN Saint Vincent. 

Over 900 seniors have now been vaccinated, all of which have been done by appointment only, health officials say. Officials also say about 2,000 non affiliated healthcare worker vaccines have been distributed.

Currently, AHN Saint Vincent remains in Phase 1A of vaccinations, which includes front line health care workers, as well as people at greatest risk of contracting the coronavirus.

"Some days that we've been very busy it's been over 300 people getting vaccinated", said Dr. Chris Clark, AHN Saint Vincent President. "We're very proud of the fact that we have moved into vaccinating high risk individuals like people like advanced age greater than 75."

One of the people vaccinated today was Grace Bondanella. In November, Erie News now was on site as the community threw her a safe, socially distanced 100th birthday party.

Today, she was more than thrilled to receive the vaccine. 

"Oh yes I am, yes I am", Bondanella said. "I'm very excited to do this. I'm happy to be able to do this at my age."

Bondanella's son, Joe, was also present. He wanted to be there to witness his mother receive the vaccine. For him, watching it provided him a sense of relief.

"It's a scary thought because of how brutal it is", Bondanella exclaimed. It's not an easy death and do get it if you do die... I think it's just great that we can get the shot so quick."

Currently, AHN Saint Vincent and the state of Pennsylvania remain in Phase 1A of vaccinations. Clark is hopeful Phase 1B will be able to happen sooner than expected, but doesn't have a timetable to be able to predict exactly when that will happen.

"There's a lot of people that are in the Tier 1A category that are technically eligible to get the vaccine, but the supplies don't allow for everyone to get it just yet", said Clark. "It's not going to be immediately available for most people as the supplies grow because there's a huge pent up demand for the vaccine for sure."

If the vaccine becomes available for you, however, Grace recommends you take it.

"They should do what I'm doing", Bondanella said". :That's what's best for them."