A national company made famous by its commercials, and mascot, now has a local office. The hope is to provide customers face-to-face help with their auto and vehicle insurance. 

Geico Erie opened in August 2020, after delays in opening earlier during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's located off Peach Street in Summit Township. The next closest walk-in Geico offices located in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo. 

Many of the now, seven people working in the Erie office, are from the Buffalo regional office.

That includes Matthew Schwerk. He says, "You have so many people in the area here that needs someone that doesn't want to call 1-800 number so it gave it more of that personable feel for Geico in the area." 

Schwerk has worked for Geico for nearly seven years and helped to open the local office
with Jake Krezmien, who is the agency owner.

Licensed insurance agents at the office help customers with auto, home, ATV's, boats and more.

Paul Karpik joined Geico Erie when it opened and says the main drive of the office is building personal relationships with Geico customers. 

Karpik says, "They like to have that face to face connection."