Many fair coordinators are planning to host their beloved fairs this summer in a modified way, after having to cancel last year because of the pandemic. The Erie County Fair in Wattsburg and the Albion Area fair are both set to take place in late summer. Coordinators from both fairs tell us they are hoping as time passes, more people are vaccinated.

Both the Erie County and Albion Area Fairs are already in the planning stages and both are abiding by all CDC guidelines.

“I’ve got numerous calls saying ‘you gotta go, you gotta go,’ so we are really revved up to go for it,” Dean Curtis, the President of the Erie County Fair at Wattsburg said.

He said he isn't taking no for an answer and doesn't want to host a drive-thru event like last summer. The Erie County Fair will take place August 29 through September 4, 2021 at the Wattsburg Fairgrounds.

“We’re going to go like we never went before,” Curtis said.

He and his committee are actively scheduling the fair and Curtis said no matter what they are hosting the fair on their 52 acres of fairground, making it easy to keep people spread apart.

He said there will be all the same fair favorites like entertainment, a rodeo, all of the favorite fair foods, harness racing, truck and tractor pulls, and the annual Fair Queen Pageant.

All of the traditions will be the same, just in a slightly different fashion in order to keep everyone safe.

They aren't the only ones voting to go through with a fair this year. Erie News Now took a trip to Albion, where the Vice President of the fair, Randy Hites said they've already been planning their 76th fair for September 14-18.

“We want to make sure everything is prepared and that we are ready,” Hites said.

They, too are following all guidelines and longing for the normalcy after their fair was canceled last summer.

“There was a lot of disappointed people,” Hites said.

Hites said all the agricultural barns already have sanitation stations so now they will just beef them up and add more.

He is excited to welcome what they call the “Biggest Little Fair Around” back to the Albion Borough Park at the end of summer.

“We have a little bit of everything,” he said. “All the different kinds of animals, tractor pulls, and horse pulls.”

They will also have other entertainment and their Fair Queen Pageant as well.

Hites said their 50 acres of land will allow them to easily host the fair, an event that brings in a lot for their little community.

“Our fair is a big fundraiser for the fire departments, the churches, and a lot of local businesses,” he said.